Music Column: Adult Alternative Deserves Love Too

By Wendy Sivik ’14

I had my heart set on the perfect option for this column. A band that no one really cared about but random people had fallen in love with. However, I am going to ignore my better judgment and pay some much deserved credit to a Pennsylvanian band that is so close to perfect, they have potential hit singles oozing from their eyeballs.

matt pond PA is an underground band from Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of

I have been listening to this band nonstop since I discovered the brilliant idea of plugging my CD player into my car speakers. I find their genius front-man on the fast track to being one of my favorite artists of all time and their lack of popularity incredibly disheartening. So obviously, I am yearning to expose them to all who read this. Therefore I give you the relaxing, yet angsty sounds of musical experience sprinkled with a walk in the park during a cold winter day… matt pond PA.

matt pond PA was formed by singer/songwriter Matt Pond in 1998 and has been cranking out the records, nearly ever since. Their debut full length, Deer Apartments, was released in 1998 followed by a nearly two year recording hiatus. They made up for depriving the world of their music for two years by releasing two more full length albums in 2002 and a series of entirely free EPs called The Freeep. Everyone should invest their time into listening to a few tracks by matt pond PA because their sound is a mixture of lullabies and angry guitar cues that reminds all listeners of lazy late summer nights.

matt pond PA uses a variety of musical styles. Photo courtesy of

With so much musical content out in the world, I’m still left wondering why matt pond PA isn’t peacefully controlling Adult Alternative charts all over the country. Maybe it’s their ever-changing member line-up that threatens inconsistency. In addition to the five current members of the band, they have gone through nearly sixteen other members with all kinds of different instrumental backgrounds. I guess sharing the stage with popular groups like Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Youth Group, Mae, Keane, Neko Case and even Liz Phair  just isn’t enough to catapult their sultry guitar sounds through popular airwaves.

Even their soundtrack repertoire is unimpressive as far as quantity goes, having only recorded two songs, covers of Oasis’ “Champange Supernova” and (a cover I like listening to even better than the original) Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” for ex-popular/addicting/ridiculous teen melodrama The OC, their media exposure is at its absolute minimum.

I can only come to the sad, sad conclusion that the band does not even care. They don’t mind how many people are listening to their music, or what types of ratings it is getting on which magazine’s “Best of…” lists; they just want to play. And that is certainly a respectable conclusion. It is plain to see, however, that I think otherwise. Each and every radio station should bow down to matt pond PA; they would certainly acquire more listers by playing their upbeat, yet meaningful music.

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